Toll Manufacturing (OEM / Customisation)

As a bitumen based product manufacturer we have the facilities and capabilities to produce bitumen related products. By outsourcing to us you can focus on managing your own business without having to put in capital for equipment, freeing up your cash flow and time. We can help you take care of the manufacturing with our ready facilities and reliable on time service. Toll Manufacturing (OEM / Customisation) services are available for all existing products and also customised products. The following facilities are available in our manufacturing plant.

Our facilities enable us to have a production capacity of up to 2500mt/month.

We have mixing tanks in various capacities to mix and blend products.

We have the ability to heat and mix products up to 300°C.

Melting decanter also available.

We have Oxidation Tanks to produce various grades or customised oxidised bitumen according to your needs.

Need an Emulsion? We have the facilities to produce Cationic (Acidic) and Anionic (Alkali) Emulsions.