AQUASEAL CX RM85 / 20kg Pail

ATSB AQUASEAL CX is a cold applied joint-less bitumen-based sealant with clay stabilised waterproofing emulsion. Suitable for use on most building materials such as concrete and brickwork. Easily applied by brush on dried concrete surfaces, and also to green concrete. It can be applied as a built-up layer system of 3 coats(minimum) or as a priming coat.

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USES :  

  • General waterproofing.
  • Lining of water tanks on its own or with an open weave glass mesh.
  • General damp-proofing and vapor barrier.
  • Use on a wide variety of surface including: concrete, brick, bitumen & mastic asphalt membranes, asbestos cement, slates, tiles, lead copper, zinc, corrugated iron and similar surfaces.


  • Micro porous allowing breathing to stop blistering.
  • No re-emulsification in water.
  • Nontoxic, odour & taint free.
  • Joint-less finish.
  • High temperature stability.
  • Ease of application.
  • Superb adhesion.
  • Solvent free – environmental friendly.


20 kg